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Volos (326 km. from Athens, 215 km. from Thessaloniki) is the capital and economic centre of the prefecture. Thanks to its privileged position at the foot of Mt. Pelion on the Pagasitic gulf, it is a good base for enjoying the sea, wooded slopes, and green valleys that surround it. As for the derivation of the word "Volos", which according to a Byzantine historian of the 14th century was called "Golos", there are several theories; the most widely accepted is that it represents a corruption of the Mycenaean Iolkos. Founded in the mid 19th century, modern Volos, with 71,000 inhabitants, is a cheerful , lively town, soundly laid out with pleasant broad streets. The waterfront is an ideal spot for a stroll. A modern coastal avenue bustling with life, it is lined with pastry shops, cafes and restaurants. From the suburb of Ano Volos, built upon the slopes of Pelion, the Pagasitic gulf and the town below take on another dimension. Volos harbour is particularly active. It is the main export centre of Thessaly and the scene of much commercial and passenger traffic bound for the Sporades, the great ports of the Mediterranean, Syria, and other Middle Eastern cities.


The Volos Archaelogical Museum (tel.: (0421)28.563): contains a rich store of finds from the Bronze Age, pottery of the 8th and 5th century BC, and 6th and 5th century sculpture. For example, its collection of Hellenistic grave stelai from Dimitrias is unique; their well preserved paintings are considered among the most important examples of ancient Greek art. Municipal Gallery (tel.:(0421) 25.760): Housed in the Town Hall, it comprises a fine collection of paintings, sculpture, and engravings by modern Greek artists. Home of the folk historian Kitsos Makris (tel.:(0421) 23.778) with works by Theophilos, Christopoulos, Byzantine icons, wood carvings and pottery. Pelion's old fashioned train: This little train which used to connect Volos with Milies has been put back into service over a short portion of the old urban line. It would be running on special occasions. The churches of Agios Konstantinos, Agios Nikolaos, Metamorphosis and the chapel of Agia Triada. At Anakasia, the Theophilos Museum with frescoes by the great folk artist. At Alli Meria, the Velentza bakery with wall paintings by Theophilos.

Around Volos

The lush area around Volos is scattered with interesting archaeological sites which history buffs will find very rewarding, while the summer resorts bordering beautiful beaches abound in picturesque tavernas offering local delicacies. The azure sea is ideal for bathing.

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