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Tripoli is a town of 30,000 inhabitants, in the centre of the Peloponnese. It is two hours from Athens, and less than one hour from the coast.

The capital of Arkadia, the mythical land of Pan, the nymphs, of Satyros and the gods, and the famous "Drombolitsa", it is both Womb and navel of the Peloponnese, built at a height of 650m. The area is dominated by the elevation of the Arcadian Mountains, which are decorated by the mountains of Ologyrto, Trachi, Litreio, Artemis, Ktenia and the mythical Mainolo, an extension of Parnona.

With its base in the province of Mantinea, Tripoli continues to keep alive its legends and traditions with great ease.

170km from Athens, a few kilometres from the tunnel of Artemis, you enter Tripoli and are charmed without yet knowing why.

Tripoli wrote its history in the c 15th when it sealed its fate in the Orlofik Revolution of 1770 and the revolution of 1821. In July 1828 Ibrahim surrenders to flames on leaving.

The beautiful Tripoli has an unusual tourist radiance, keeping untouched its traditional way of life, while offering everything you could dream of on your visit when walking through its streets.

The wonderful squares, the green parks, the surrounding woodlands with quaint churches, the neoclassical buildings, which stand out amongst the modern infrastructure and the lively rhythm from morning till night, make it unique.

Tripoli also has a large, well-developed shopping centre, where local traditional produce is on offer. "Chilopites", "trahanas", "lazania" and sweets like "diples", "kourabiedes" and "melomacarona" are specialities, which the visitor should buy before leaving.

There are many hotels in the area, catering for all the needs of its tourists. At Easter in the beautiful great Areos Square one of the best parties is held, organised by the Council of Tripoli, with lamb on the spit and good local wine, while in summer there is the fine trade bazaar of Tegeas, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the Peloponnese and further a field.

A walk in the town will lead to the fine Byzantine church in the square of St. Basil, and also to the wonderful Cultural centre.

A little way out of Tripoli, there is the monastery of the Virgin Mary of Upper Chrepas, which was built in 11th century, which will impress you with its wonderful murals and its view. 12km from Tripoli, at Ancient Mantinea, you will find the Theatre, while exactly opposite is the ecclesiastically architectured Church of St. Foteini. At Ancient Teyea the Church of Aleas Athinas stands out and the fine Archaeological Museum. The Archaeological Museum of Tripoli, designed by the famous architect Chiller, collects artefacts from the first Greek period up to the Roman period.

Tripoli acts as a base for its three other beautiful provinces, Arkadia, Megalopolis, Kynouria and Gortynia.
The thing that the visitor wont forgets when he decides to leave the capital of the Peloponnese is the way of life and the hospitality of the Arcadians and Tripolites. The genuine traditional parties of Tripoli, with the unfailing good cheer of its residents make Tripoli, night and day, the liveliest kernel of the Peloponnese.

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