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Built to the northwest of the plain of Trikala, traditional Trikala is traversed by the River Lithaio and has retained its charm. You can take a splendid walk in the beautiful town of Trikala with the first stopping point of your tour the Ancient Fortress and its clock and the Baroussi, a district preserved for its unique traditional architecture with bases of wood and wattle in almost all the houses.
The churches of Trikala, The Grave of Kondyli, the Mosque of Osman Sach and the Archaiatriki where, according to mythology, the old Asklipieio could be found, will charm you as if magical and mysterious. In the old buildings of Garibaldi St. you will find the public Art Gallery and a rich source of exhibits in the Folklore Museum.

There is a vibrant nightlife, which has much to offer, and a dazzling array of nightclubs. Small, traditional tavernas serve local specialities with a distinctive cooking style. "Trachanas" from bulgur wheat, wild pig "kokkinisto", rabbit stew, "gardoumba", lamb "kapama" and various other delicacies, provide tasty delights.
There are many rooms for rent and hotels, catering fully for tourism needs One of the largest trade fairs takes place from 19th to 21 September, while the fresh produce of the surrounding area is sold every Monday in the town in the picturesque market.

Romantics will be charmed by a walk by the river with its many pretty bridges, its tall sycamores, pines and wild chestnut trees which decorate the town, while the surrounding villages are ideal for the traveler for walking, cycling and climbing.
There is the lodge of Koziaka and the ski center at Pertouli, while water lovers can take wonderful excursions to the springs of Gouves, Itamo, Kanalia, Kalogeromantri, Arbanites and Beits. The villages of Pertouli, Neochori, Theopetra, Kalambaka, Kastania and Zarko maintain their picturesqueness and traditional beauty, untouched by time. Kalambaka, Meteora, Kastania and Kastraki are well-known, developed tourist spots. The town of Trikala, the homeland of the god of medicine, Asklipiou, the town, which was built in, prehistoric times and which wrote enormous history, captures you at first sight. Maybe that is why many people wanted to rule it, but as captives rather than the captors whom they thought they were.

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