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The co-capital of Greece, with its thousand-year history, the bride of the north, the much sung about Thessaloniki, capital of central Makedonia, and also the named prefecture, is a large city, which has lost nothing of its eternal radiance, no matter how much the contemporary period tries to claim it.

"Mother of the People", "First Lady", "Lady of the Mediterranean", and many other titles rightly belong to her. For 2300 years the Thermaiko Bay has "washed her feet", and the White Tower is her welcome ambassador. The large port has existed from antiquity up to the present day. Thessaloniki is a centre of culture and Greek art and also for entertainment and recreation. Cultural events, festivals, museums and art galleries, cinemas and theatres, all help to earn it the title of the Cultural Capital of Europe and define Thessaloniki as a cultural kernel of Greece.

In September the International Exhibition, HELEXPO takes place, which first began in 1926, the co-capital showing again its great capabilities as a commercial and cultural center.

Simply walking through Thessaloniki will give you a grasp of why it is known as a center of entertainment. Traditional tavernas, with their famous makedonian cuisine; grilled "kapamas" with cous-cous, the mezes of "merakli" with boars head, makedonian fricassee, "tsoubeleki" and the excellent "youvetsi" of the north, are a few of the many specialties which the "bride of the Thermaiko" offers to all food lovers. At Panorama, the view of the town will charm you, and whilst there you should try the famous sweet, "Panoramatos". There are many shopping areas in the town, such as the Karasso Arcade, Bezesteni, Modiano, Bakirtzidika, where you should buy any brassware, and where you will spend many of your morning hours.
You should dedicate one night to the famous Mylo, and if you are really lucky, you will get the chance to enjoy a concert with well-known names in the Greek and international music world. At the famous Ladadika, the entertainment moves to a Greek rhythm. Near the airport, the casino calls to those who wish for excitement while the telecommunication tower offers a circular "birds eye view" of the town. Romantics may wonder at the unrepeatable sunset on the beach of Thessalonki or visit the forest of Kedrinou Hill, with its zoological gardens.

Every summer the beautiful beaches of Thermaikos and its bay of Cassandra make their presence felt. The area, with its austere beauty, attracts thousands of visitors from Greece and abroad. For lovers of fun and sport Thessaloniki has high record. The well-known Palais de Sport as well as the numerous playing fields and swimming pools provide ultra modern athletic facilities. Water sports are extremely well organized while there is plenty of horse riding clubs for horse riding lovers. As for winter skiing, several slopes await the fanatics, all within close range.

You must visit Thessaloniki, whether it is by plane or ship, train or bus or any other means of transport. All those who have visited know that one falls in love in this town.

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