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Serres is the capital of the prefecture of Serres and one of the most important commercial centers (ca 80,000 inhabitants.) in Macedonia, situated at a low elevation (70m). To the North the hills and the first heights of the Vrondou mountain chain embrace the city which has as its typical landmark the hill of the Acropolis (Koulas), while to the South it overlooks the fertile plain, through which the Strymon flows some 24km away.

The city of Serres, almost entirely rebuilt since the Bulgarian incendiarism, is a pleasant city, with wide streets, surrounded by abundant woods and luxuriant gardens. The city is typical of the ample width of its road structure, its parks, its squares and in general, with anything that might be a reference point to an integral modern city plan.

From the ruined castle that crowns the round wooded hill to the north, visitors can enjoy the wonderful view and they are invited to explore the pine-filled hill through many picturesque paths

On the way to this hill, located at Exohon Street, there is one of the most beautiful park in Serres, the park of Saints' Anargiri valley. Being close to the center of the town it is used as a place of leisure, sports and entertainment by both the young and the old. Lots of clubs and cafes located in this area offer a lot of opportunities for an exciting night life during the summer months.

The city offers a rich cultural activity in many sectors. Athletic, cultural and folklore associations coexist creatively while the City Cultural Center offers an alternative to the creativity and intellectual restlessness of the citizens through the many educational sectors that it provides as well as through the cultural events that it organises. Finally the City Regional Theatre which is committed to looking for ways to satisfy the requirements of its audience is a decisive factor in the cultural matters of Serres.

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