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673 km from Athens and 166 km from Thessaloniki, Kavala is the second largest town in Northern Greece and capital of the county, its history beginning in c 7th BC. It was first named Neapoli and in the Byzantine period Christoupoli, until c 15th AD when it was occupied by the Turks and renamed Kavala.
Unique in its natural beauty, with soft velvety beaches, it is very well organized for tourism, at places such as at Kalamitsa, Toska and Batis. Kavalas port offers hospitality to all yacht owners, while the island of Thassos opposite, with its many bays and small coves of untamed beauty, marries the mountain and sea, leaving a wonderful impression on all its visitors.

The town of Kavala is full of tourist attractions. There are many little picturesque shops outside the town as well as on its beaches, offering seafood treats and fresh fish, while by night, life rolls at a lively pace. In the abundant tavernas one can try the local mezes such as "sarmades" (minced meat with rice) and pies.

The town of Kavala is traversed by Mt Pangaios and is watered by the River Strymonas and its bay of the same name. The Pangaios is famous for its gold and silver mines during antiquity and also for the cults of Dionysos.

Amongst its beautiful wooded slopes you will find the Monastery of Eikofoinissas, while the river Nestos offers rare beauties, with its sandbanks, waterfalls and its small islets. It is worth visiting the Medieval Castle near the port, the house of the Egyptian king, Mohamed Ali, the archaeological and folklore museums, the art gallery, the spas of Elevtheron outside the town, the district of Panayia, the Byzantine wall and Kamares, as well as the Monastery of Saint Sylla in the entrance to the town.

Kavala is considered ideal for tourists of all ages, with attractions for the sightseer who is looking for something different.

A lively kernel of East Makedonia, Kavala isnt a seductive siren. It is a mermaid who calls you near to share its secrets and enchants you with its novel natural changes.

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