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Drama (Δράμα) is a town in northeastern Greece. Drama is the capital of the prefecture of Drama. The Drama prefecture is part of the East Macedonia and Thrace periphery.

In the Roman occupation era, Drama was known as Dravescus (Δραβήσκος), and it had been a trade center and a military camp on the Roman Via Egnatia.

The economy of the modern-day Drama area had heavily relied upon the local paper and clothing industries during the previous years. However, these industries have moved across the border to Bulgaria, with a devastating impact on the local community's economy and employment. Other sources of income include agriculture, consisting mainly of tobacco plantations, small-scale mining and forest industry. Recently, there have been efforts to take advantage of the rich local natural environment and develop ecotourism in the area.

There is a modern ski resort on Mount Falakro. Drama also hosts an annual short film festival.

Drama, the capital of the named prefecture, is built in the foothills of the Falakro Mountains, in an area of rich vegetation and plentiful water and is traversed by the River Nestos and its many tributaries.

During antiquity it was named Dirama or Idrama. In the Byzantine period Drama knew great cultural prosperity, which continued during the period of the Makedonian Empire from c 9th to c 11th. Numerous Byzantine churches made their mark in that period. It also prospered during the classical period.

The towns pleasant appearance, its centers several old assortment of institutions, is complemented by proper street planning, its parks and its many Byzantine churches. The town of Drama is surrounded by large wooded plains and encircled by remarkable settlements like Nea Amisos, Sevasteia, Taxiarchis or Sipsa, Sadik Tsiflik, Pasali, Timotheos and others. It has a lively cultural, social and athletic life and every year it hosts the Festival of Short films. During the festivities for the anniversary of its independence on July 1, many cultural events take place, lasting a week. In the greater area many ancient Greek ceremonies are still carried out, taking on a festive character, in honour of Dionysus, the God of wine in the Festival of Lights. Thus you can become acquainted with the special traditional costumes, masks, dances and rich garments. Religious celebrations take place in Mavlolevki, Anastenaria and in Kali Vrisi with the " Festival of the Grandmother ".

Beautiful valleys and mountains, mountain lodges and ski centres, enchanting forests, flocks of birds, fertile land, endless areas of tobacco fields, caves with wonderful multicoloured stalactites and rivers of crystal water, sum up the complexity of Drama. The mountain regions are suitable for hunting but one must first find out in which periods and locations it is permitted.

The beauty of the Elatio forest is incomparable, with its pines, beeches, willows and red firs, a rare tree which can grow up to 50m. in height.

Doxato, known for its sacrifices, during the Battle of Makedonia, is a beautiful commercial town with a lovely market, only 10 km from Drama. A tourist spot is Nevrokopi, very near to Bulgaria, Paranesti with access to the river Nestos, with its fertile banks, and Prosotsani with the Mara Caves and the wonderful colours created by its stalactites.

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