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A town of eight thousand population, thirty kilometres south-west of Volos.

Almyros is the capital town of the homonymous province of the prefecture of Magnesia, Greece, which is in the center of prosperous plain, known as ‘Krokio Pedio’ and is crossed by torrents. The Municipality of Almyros counts 9.000 residents and includes except the city of Almyros, also the villages Platanos, Euxinoupolis, Krokio, Ano Mavrolofo, Argilokhori, Zarkadokhori, Mavrolofo, Neokhoraki and Perdika.

The history of Almyros starts from the ancient city of Alos (about 10 km south of Almyros). Alos was a very important and populous town, famous for its port and for its part in the Persian Wars. After Byzantine time, especially because of the pirate raids, they built the town in the position that it is today. Further on, after the WWII the town has started its development. In 1980 a catastrophically earthquake destroyed the whole town. In addition, Almyros composes an important agricultural and commercial center of Magnesia, and also, it is has started to be developed as a tourist center for the area. In the Museum you can admire the findings from the Neolithic period. At the opposite side you can visit the old High School, which is a monumental classic building from the begging of 20th century, which alongside the Museum are the oldest monumental building of the area.

We can trace the history of contemporary Almyros back to ancient Alos, home of Achilles, near the site Kefalosi; it was moved to its present location after suffering repeated raids by pirates.

In the Archaeological Museum the visitor can admire stone carvings, reliefs, inscriptions, as well as artifacts from the Mycenean, Geometric, Classical and Hellenistic periods, up until the age of the Roman Empire. A short distance form Almyros are the remains of ancient Alos and the Kouri forest, covering an area of 1,100 hectares with artificial lakes, various kinds of animals and a miniature train, which takes visitors on a tour in the forest.

Setting out form Almyros one can visit the Monastery of the Dormition, Upper Xenias, 600 metres up in the Othris mountains, and admire the superb frescoes and carved wooden screen dating from the 16th century, before enjoying a walk on the Othris mountains and through the are of Zirelia, natural habitat of many aquatic species. The Forestry Department office at Almyros supplies maps of planned walking routs and the Climbers Club of Almyros will provide any information you need about climbing and mountain walks. A short distance from the town are the beaches of Almyros, Euxeinoupolis and Platanos, where you can swim and enjoy the appetizers in one of the beautiful little tavernas. Two of the year's high spots in the region are the Euxeinoupolis carnival and the fish evening on Almyros beach, organized every June.

This text (extract) is cited November 2003 from the GNTO - Region of Thessaly - Prefecture of Magnesia - Magnesia Prefecture Tourism Committee tourist pamphlet

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