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 "The crossroad of people, cultures and beauty" Alexandroupolis, a city that brings to your memory the distant past and the beauty of today. A "key" city of Greece, whether you leave or enter the east. Alexandroupolis, one "open embrace" towards the open sea. A city of tradition and innovation, a city of rest and entertainment, a city of sea and tourism.

Its location is nodal, linking Europe to Asia, West to East and thus its contact with the world and the rest of Greece is achieved with every mean of transportation, by land, sea and air.

Capital of the Prefecture of Evros, with all the services at the disposal of its visitors but also with the hospitable spirit of its 60.000 inhabitants.

Alexandroupoli is about 14.5 km (9 miles) west of the delta of the river Evros, 40km from the border with Turkey, 300 km (186 mi) from Thessaloniki on the newly constructed Egnatia highway, and 750 km (466 mi) from Athens. Around the city one finds small fishing villages like Makri and Dikela to the west, and suburban Antheia, Aristino, Nipsa, Loutra to the east, while north of the city are the ever closing Palagia, Abantas, Aissymi and Kirkas. At the 2001 census, the main city had a population of 48,885 and the municipality had a population of 52,720. The current metropolitan population is estimated at around 70,000 inhabitants, and its area covers the southwestern portion of the prefecture, and it runs approximately 40 km long and wide, its length shorter northward. Its boundary goes 70% of the way from the Rhodope Prefecture to the Evros Delta. The municipality has a land area of 642.245 km˛ (247.972 sq mi) and is the fourth largest in all of Greece. Besides Alexandroúpoli, its other largest settlements are the villages of Mákri (pop. 820)Ávas (497), Sykorráchi (309), Aisými (289), and Díkella (288).

Alexandroupoli is served by Dimokritos International Airport (IATA:AXD) in the suburbs of Apalos, about 6km from Alexandroupoli city center. It is one of the busiest airports in Greece and a main hub for Olympic Airways and Aegean; there are 4 daily flights to Athens, and also flights to Creta, while during the summer months some seasonal flights operate to\from Germany and Russia. The airport is connected to the city by highway, taxi services and scheduled bus services. The port of Alexandroupolis has been used principally by travellers. There are daily services to the Island of Samothraki and a weekly Trans-Aegean service to all the eastern islands of the Aegean, with the final destination of the island of Rhodes.

Trains run frequently to Thessaloniki and Athens, Burgas in Bulgaria and Edirne or Istanbul in Turkey. There is an extensive network of train and bus replacements services through out the region of Evros.

The bus network is much more extensive and frequent. Hourly buses to the major municipalities within Thracia and Macedonia offered from the Regional Coaches KTEL as well as daily services to Bulgaria and Turkey. OSE-Varan and Ulusoy have daily services to Istanbul and Athens each and depart from Alexandroupolis Train Station in early mornings.

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