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Located in the Etoloakarnania prefecture, Agrinio is an important tobacco-producing center with good facilities for tourists. The archaeological museum, the Papastratios Municipal Library and the grove of Agios christoforos on the hillside with a panoramic view, are some of the sites worth seeing in town.

Agrinio is the biggest town in Sterea Ellada and took its name from the patron of Aitolon, Agrio Apollona, otherwise known as the son of queen Porthaona, Agrio. Known as "Vrahori" during the Turkish occupation, it later reverted back to Agrinio.

The town is well known all over the world for its main source of wealth, tobacco, which is considered to be the best in the world, raising Agrinio to prominence as the richest town in the prefecture of Aetoloakarnanias.

Agrinio was from old a commercial center, a fact that seems to have come out of the ancient agora, which was recovered during excavations. A walk of 3 km, close to Diamanteika still shows signs of the town in the classical period, The town has many attractions. A walk and a coffee in the public park is just what is needed before going to see the folklore museum, a beautiful neoclassical building, with its exhibits of fine handicrafts and tools and the local garments which are of course related to the life of the tobacco farmer.

Important exhibits, from the Neolithic period up to the Roman, are to be found at the archaeological museum, while next door is the Papasratios Library and the fine sculpture gallery of "Christou Kapralou". Near to the town is the Church of the Holy Trinity of Mavrika and at Zapandi the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which bewitches the visitor with their splendid Byzantine style.

For lovers of parachuting, the ideal place is at Neromana, with its sycamores and charming gargling waters, while a little further out you will meet the national runway of the Agrinio air club, where the parachutists take off. The road to Pantanermo offers a coastal walk by the enduring sycamores and food at its wonderful traditional taverns on the biggest lake of Greece, at Trichonis. Other wonderful locations are the ravine of Kleistouras, known for the monastery of St. Eleousas, the man-made dam of Kremaston and Kastrakiou.

If you the want to enjoy the town again, you have nothing to lose. Modern while remaining traditional, due to its neoclassical buildings, Agrinio attracts many visitors as it caters for all tastes.

Water, Lakes, archaeological sites, walks in the aetoloakarnanikian nature, all together make historic Agrinion a base of operations and you need to spend some time there to appreciate it.

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