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Why Greece?
Job Description
Interviews are normally held in groups, and last for about an hour. We regard the interview as a two-way process, that gives us the opportunity to assess your suitability, and also gives you a chance to discuss the sort of situation that would suit you best.

We can't refund expenses for candidates attending interview, but if you are selected to attend, there's a very good chance that we'll offer you a position.

It's likely that you'll be given a specific offer of employment at the meeting, so it would be useful if you could prepare by:

a) researching the locations that interest you
b) considering the kind of teaching that suits you
c) studying the sample Contract of Employment and deciding if you're prepared to accept an offer based on this.

After the interview, we'll forward your details to each of the schools that you're interested in, and discuss your suitability.

We'll put you in touch with the schools directly, so you can discuss details of the situation, including the type of teaching, rates of pay, and what accommodation is provided.

We can also give you contact details for teachers who have been working in those schools previously.

In most cases, all the arrangements are finalised within a few days of the interview.

Interviews are held in London every summer. Short-listed candidates will be informed of the date and time of their interview. Click HERE for details.
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