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Why Greece?
Job Description

Most of the schools that we recruit for provide furnished accommodation as part of the remuneration package. In most cases, this will be in a self-contained flat, but sometimes it might be shared with another teacher.

If you don't require accommodation, it is usually possible to be paid extra cash instead.

If you are applying as a couple, we will make arrangements for suitable accommodation to be provided.

The flat is normally within walking distance of the school.

The standard of furniture and furnishings varies, so you should ask for details when we put you in touch with the prospective employer, but will include all the essentials such as a fridge and cooker.

Some, but not all, employers provide a washing machine and television. As most teachers have a mobile phone, flats are not usually equipped with a phone.

Kitchen equipment and bedding are usually provided, so you will only need to bring personal items such as sheets and towels.

You will be responsible for water and electricity bills.

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